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Meet Adam from SiteLock

Every year we share information about our sponsors. These companies make WordCamps across the nation and in our region possible. Today we want to introduce our Bronze Sponsor SiteLock and let WordPress Community Evangelist Adam Warber share their story with us and explain how they use WordPress and contribute to the open source community.

Q. What do you do at SiteLock?
I am a WordPress Community Evangelist for SiteLock

Q. Why do you do it? What is your mission?
To create a safer internet for all users by protecting every business and website from malware and hacking attempts.

Q. Why is WordPress important to you? Why do you love it?
Adam discovered WordPress in 2005 when looking for a faster way to update his hand-written HTML websites. WordPress spoke to him visually and it’s been by his side ever since. Having been involved in the community for so long, it’s safe to say that most (if not all) of my closest friends are in this same community. I am constantly evangelizing the use of WordPress to people I meet because I believe in the mission of democratizing publishing, so it just makes sense to work in the community I love.

Q. What products and services do you offer?
We are the only provider to offer complete, cloud-based website protection that finds and automatically fixes threats, prevents future attacks, accelerates website speed, and meets PCI compliance standards — all with 24/7 U.S. based phone support.

Our products include:

Daily or Continuous Malware Scanning and Removal: SiteLock® SMART™ (Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool) is a technologically advanced product with an acute ability to find and automatically remove malware found on your website. This helps prevent search engine blacklisting, which means keeping your website online and your business running. SiteLock SMART also performs web app scanning, which checks for vulnerabilities like XSS or SQLi, and so much more.

SiteLock911: Is your site infected with malware? SiteLock911 does for your website what anti-virus software and clean-up tools do for your PC. The difference is that malware on your website can affect more people and computers than a virus on a single PC. Yet PC anti-virus programs are almost taken for granted, and website security and malware removal is unfortunately often deferred until there is a problem. SiteLock thoroughly trains our team of security experts to find and remove website malware, just like automatic clean-up tools do for PCs.

TrueShield Web Application Firewall (WAF): A web application firewall (WAF) is the ultimate layer of protection for your website. TrueShield Web Application Firewall protects websites from malicious traffic and blocks harmful requests. Our advanced technology identifies backdoor files and blocks access to them immediately. The setup process is fast and seamless via a simple change.

TrueSpeed CDN: Website speed performance plays a huge role in generating a positive customer experience — which ultimately leads to higher revenue and increased customer loyalty. SiteLock advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) greatly increases your website speed, while also using significantly less bandwidth.

TrueCode: TrueCode Static Application Security Testing (SAST) is our deepest source code analysis. Also known as “white-box” testing, TrueCode finds common vulnerabilities by analyzing 100% of the source code of your applications without actually executing them, and adds a unique and critical layer of security by protecting your web apps — where 92% of all vulnerabilities reside.

PCI Compliance: If your business accepts credit cards, you need to be PCI Compliant. The SiteLock® PCI compliance program is the fastest and easiest way to meet these requirements for companies who accept credit card payments. Avoid fines from your processor and reduce risk of fraud for your customers.

Q. Why do you support WordCamp? What do you hope attendees gain from participating? What suggestions, inspirations, or message do you have to share with attendees in Asheville?
Over 27 percent of websites are powered by WordPress. At SiteLock, our number one goal is to create a better and safer Internet for all users. We are extremely proud and thankful for the opportunity to fulfill this mission by participating in the WordPress community and supporting many WordPress initiatives.

As an example, we recognized the need for dedicated WordPress evangelists, who could make WordPress community development their full-time job. Logan Kipp and Adam Warner have taken on this role with a passion, and continue to foster partnerships and ongoing education within the community.

If you haven’t already met them, Logan and Adam are the ones attending and speaking on behalf of SiteLock at various WordCamps throughout the year. They play a huge role in helping us determine how our products and services can make a greater impact in the community. Our message in Asheville will be the importance of securing your business and those of your clients, but also just as important, your personal security online.

Q. How can people learn more about what you do?
Find us on social media at Facebookcom/SiteLock or You can alos visit our website at


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