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Big Boom Design


Meet Boomer from Big Boom Design

Every year we share information about our sponsors. These companies make WordCamps across the nation and in our region possible. Today we want to introduce one of our local Silver Sponsors Big Boom Design and let owner Boomer Sassmann share their story with us and explain how they use WordPress and contribute to the Asheville community.

Q. What do you do at Big Boom Design? 
A. I am the owner.

Q. Why do you do it? What is your mission?
A. My goal is to help simplify the internet for businesses and general users of the web.

Q. Why is WordPress important to you? Why do you love it? 
A. WordPress has changed my life and the life of all of our employees and clients. It serves as a gateway to free speech on the internet.

Q. What products and services do you offer?
A. We provide educational web design and internet consulting services.

Q. Who are your ideal customers and clients?
A. We primarily work with non-profits, associations, tourism agencies and sustainably minded companies.

Q.Why do you support WordCamp? What do you hope attendees gain from participating? What suggestions, inspirations, or message do you have to share with attendees in Asheville? 
A. I support WordCamp because the internet is a community and WordCamp is the physical gathering of that community. I hope that attendees will connect, laugh, learn, and get further inspired by this amazing platform. WordPress really can change your life, even if you’re not a total nerd.

Q. How can people learn more about what you do?
A. Find us on social media at:
Or visit our website

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