Spotlight on Our Sponsors – Give

Give - Democratizing Generosity

Meet Jason Knill, CoFounder of Give

Every year we share information about our sponsors. These companies make WordCamps across the nation and in our region possible. Today we want to introduce one of our Silver Sponsors Give and let Jason Knill share their story with us and explain why they love WordPress and how they are helping nonprofit organizations and fundraising teams use WordPress more effectively.

Q. What do you do at Give?
A. I am CoFounder and in charge of Finance and Marketing

Q. Why do you do it? What is your mission?
A. Our mission at Give is to Democratize Generosity and bring a voice to the voiceless. It would be also nice to create an organization that can employee thousands of people, around the world.

Q. Why is WordPress important to you? Why do you love it?
A. WordPress is a path to freedom, success, community, personal growth and self-awareness. It is so much more than a tool-because the folks in our community care about really changing stuff-to improve everyone’s daily life. ..oh, and I can create a post and featured image without code skills.

Q. What products and services do you offer?
A. At GiveWP we built a donation plugin. We also have several other plugins at our parent company, WordImpress including a Maps plugin, a series of Reviews plugins and a Woo add-on too. We are a pure-play plugin shop…who likes to play.

Q. Who are your ideal customers and clients?
A. An ideal client is someone who can listen and be listened to. I’m open to talking to anyone who needs help or advice, but we mostly work with nonprofits, web agencies, political organization, government and educational institutions.

Q.Why do you support WordCamp? What do you hope attendees gain from participating? What suggestions, inspirations, or message do you have to share with attendees in Asheville?
A. WordCamp is where our people are at. It’s totally natural to go where your people go. Plus, I like Craft Beer and I hear Asheville is the place to be, so I’m using my WordPress skills to travel around and meet new people

Q. How can people learn more about what you do?
A. Find us on social media at:
Check out our blog at and at Feel free to always troll me on Twitter or even LinkedIn, but I’m more of a meet in person kinda person than a meet online kinda person.

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