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A2 Hosting

Meet Ashley Maurer of A2 Hosting

Every year we share information about our sponsors. These companies make WordCamps across the nation and in our region possible. Today we want to introduce one of our Silver Sponsors A2 Hosting and let Ashley share their story with us and explain why they love WordPress and why they feel it’s important to be a part of WordCamp.

Q. What do you do at A2 Hosting?
A. I am the Marketing Coordinator.

Q. Why do you do it? What is your mission?
A. We love what we do and enjoy making customers happy! Our focus here at A2 Hosting is to be the web hosting provider that we would want to use ourselves. That means fast servers, reliable performance, amazing support and being 100% honest.

Q. Why is WordPress important to you? Why do you love it?
A. We are 100% committed to the success of our customers. WordPress is a powerful, easy to use, secure and reliable tool and when setup on a well configured, highly sophisticated hosting platform such as what we have developed at A2 Hosting, it gives small businesses a huge advantage. We also love the amazing community that surrounds WordPress and enjoy being a part of it. Events like this give us an opportunity to meet our customers face-to-face, hear their stories and answer their questions.

Q. What products and services do you offer?
A. We have a full range of products including Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting, which means our customers can grow with us throughout the entire lifecycle of their website. Our most popular product line for WordPress users is our Shared Hosting, as it comes with WordPress pre-installed. Another great feature is our A2 Optimized plugin, which auto-configures your site with the best performance and security settings. We also provide free account migration, so there is no need to worry about the hassle of switching hosts. Our Guru Crew can handle the whole thing for you!

Q. Who are your ideal customers and clients?
A. As a high performance web host, our services are geared towards website owners who are looking for speed. Our high performance SwiftServer platform and SwiftServer SSDs are optimized to give you the best performance possible- so whether you run a low traffic, brand new blog or own a large and popular business site, we’ve got you covered!

Q.Why do you support WordCamp? What do you hope attendees gain from participating? What suggestions, inspirations, or message do you have to share with attendees in Asheville?
A. We support WordCamps because they play a critical role in sustaining and growing this vibrant open source community. WordCamp organizers, volunteers, speakers and sponsors alike are effectively the welcoming committee for new, enthusiastic users of the WordPress platform. We greatly appreciate how impactful it can be for beginners to meet and get help from more experienced users in person at events and we want to be a part of that. As for inspiring attendees, we want to remind everyone that absolutely every other person in attendance has some challenge they are facing and to not be afraid to open up about whatever yours may be. Don’t be afraid to ask even the simplest questions. Take advantage of resources like the Happiness Bar and talk with the sponsors- we’re all here to help!

Q. How can people learn more about what you do? [bold]
A. Find us on social media at:
Visit our website,, where you can subscribe to our newsletter and read our blog.

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