My WordCamp Experience

written by Ella Pader

In the beginning of June I had the opportunity to attend WordCamp Asheville and PreCamp! I learned how to use WordPress and met all kinds of great people. Here’s the rundown of my WordCamp experience.

PreCamp is a day of learning how to use WordPress and understanding how it works. This was perfect for me because my only encounter with the program had been to make blog posts – that were to promote the event! I had actually been volunteered to do these by my dad who taught me himself how to create a blog post. Making blog posts had been straight forward: enter the desired text and media, then publish. PreCamp taught me the rest of the basics and now I’m working on a blog.

Ella’s dad James Pader in the Happiness Bar at #WCAVL 2017.

WordCamp began the day after PreCamp. A lot of knowledge about WordPress was dealt out and I was able to get a hold on quite a bit of it. There were six talks I attended that day about all things WP. There were talks about increasing website speed, how to monetize your site, how to read Analytics, and so on. During lunch I got to talk to some of the friendliest people too! There was also a booth that had a virtual reality set for everyone to use and I of course took advantage of that. At the end of the day, there was a fun party for everyone to get to know each other better.

The third and final day of WordCamp was just as fun and instructional as the previous two! Six more talks and it was concluded for the year. In addition to absorbing even more info about how to better build a website with WordPress I conducted some business! It was sad to see it go but great knowing that I took so much back with me.

***Author Bio: Ella Pader is 14 years old and lives in Western North Carolina. She is exploring all of her future career options.

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