WP Intelligence

In 2008 – while seeking a website content management platform – which would allow users to add and manage content themselves, we met WordPress. And we fell in love. And we committed ourselves to the platform and haven’t looked back. Since then, we’ve delighted in the growth and new features which are added in every new WordPress generation.

As WordPress developers and members of our local WP User group, we’ve heard tales that could curl your hair. People with WordPress sites who never got lessons from their developers, of content lost, of excessive fees charged. We thought, “There’s got to be a better way to help people learn to use their WordPress sites.” And so WP Intelligence was sprouted from a small seed into a sapling and now we’ve taken root. Branched out to help you learn to use WordPress with more intelligence.

What are you waiting for? Grow your WordPress Intelligence today.

WP Intelligence is an enterprise of Charleston PR & Design, LLC. We provide WordPress support, coaching, mentoring and assistance.

We have built all three of our enterprises around WordPress: Charleston PR & Design, LLC; Asheville PR and WP Intelligence. We are devotees to best practices and continual learning and shared help with WordPress knowledge.