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Spotlight on Our Sponsors – WooCommerce

WooCommerce Logo

Meet WooCommerce

Every year we share information about our sponsors. These companies make WordCamps across the nation and in our region possible. Today we want to introduce our Gold Sponsor WooCommerce and share a little bit of their story. Check out our Q & A with one of the best ecommerce systems made for WordPress.  

Q. What do you do at WooCommerce?
A. Events Wrangler

Q. Why do you do it? What is your mission?
A. We want to be the ultimate WordPress toolkit provider to empower people to build greater things with WordPress.

Q. Why is WordPress important to you? Why do you love it?
A. WooCommerce is built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, which is the world’s most popular and powerful method for creating a website.

Q. What products and services do you offer?
A. WooCommerce, WooCommerce Extensions, and Themes

Q. Who are your ideal customers? What kind of companies and businesses should contact you for services or products?
A. Store owners and developers looking for a customizable online-shopping-cart solution.

Q. Why do you support WordCamp? What do you hope attendees gain from participating? What suggestions, inspirations, or message do you have to share with attendees in Asheville?
A. In recognition of the open-source nature of the WordPress community we make contributing back to it a part of how we work at WooCommerce. We strongly believe that WordPress is only made better by the community working together and we aim to be a core part of that growth by helping to build the community itself as well as local projects and organizations needing help.

Q. How can people learn more about what you do?
A. Visit and connect with us at WooCommerce.com or join  our networks: