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Our Volunteer positions have all been filled.  Thank You!

If you’re interested in volunteering next year, jump on our email list (right sidebar) and you’ll get notification for all 2018 events.  Thanks for thinking of us.

Who should volunteer?

  • Can you develop a visually breathtaking website with a load time faster than the speed of light?
  • Are you able to wrangle data without breaking a sweat?
  • Do you have the ability to talk to complete strangers while smiling and  maintaining  a pleasant disposition?

If you have ANY of the above superpowers, we need YOU on our WordCamp Asheville Volunteer Team!

My superpowers are more akin to those of Alfred the butler than Batman, yet here I am as Volunteer Coordinator for WordCamp Asheville. That is because it takes many (great) volunteers with various abilities to run a WordCamp. Our fearless leader Lisa has assembled a crack team of WordPress superheroes who have been planning this conference, well, since WordCamp Asheville 2016!

What are some of the volunteer opportunities?

But even with all the hard work the team has already put in, there are still many volunteer jobs available, such as:

  • Registration desk
  • SWAG organization and disbursement
  • Room Facilitators
  • Food service
  • And, of course, generally being Super!

Why Volunteer?

By volunteering, you get to meet some of the most awesome people in the WordPress Asheville community, as well as speakers from around the country.  We will also comp half your ticket, so you save $$$.  Above all, you get to contribute to a movement that is committed to keeping this Open Source project affordable and available to everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Be a hero and contact us today!

Please review the below information BEFORE you sign up.

  • You will need to commit to at least one full day – June 3rd or 4th . Saturday the 3rd is our busiest day and usually when we need the most help. Day preferences are available on the sign up form.
  • On the form, please pick the areas you would be interested in volunteering, but keep in mind that spot may not be available.  Pick multiple areas.
  • Most of the help needed during the event involves setting up, registration, and session moderation.
  • You must check with your volunteer coordinator(s) upon arrival on your committed day. More information will be in the emails that we will send to approved volunteers.
  • Read our WordCamp Code of Conduct.  By applying to volunteer you are agreeing to play by these guidelines!
  • Signing up below is great, but you will get an official email from WordCamp Asheville Team when you have been assigned a role. If you do not hear from us, we thank you for your interest, but you have not been selected as a volunteer.
  • Compensation – You will receive a 50% discount on your ticket, plus an invite to a fun volunteer pre-party the week of WordCamp. This is a fun evening where we’ll provide dinner and get to hang out and meet each other before the event.


Great! How do I sign up?

Review the information below, be sure to read the code of conduct, fill in the form below all that and we’ll keep your posted.
See you at WordCamp!
Ann-Marie McBride, Volunteer Coordinator

P.S. After you’ve submitted the form we will contact you.  Please be patient – it might take us a day or two, especially if it’s the weekend.





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